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The Property Qualification, Democratization, and the Contested Right to Vote in the United States, with Justin Moeller. New York: Routledge.   (in progress and under contract – publication anticipated for 2018.)

Strategia cercetarii: Treisprezece cursuri despre elementele stiintelor sociale (The Strategy of Research: Thirteen Lessons on the Elements of Social Science)
translated into Romanian by Adriana Groza (Iasi: Polirom Press, 2005).
English version, in bound manuscript form, is available from Montezuma Publishing.

Budgeting Entitlements: The Politics of Food Stamps (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2000).

Money, Time, and Politics: Investment Tax Subsidies and American Democracy
(New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993).

Growth with Fairness: A Program to Rebuild America's Economy
co-authored with Milton J. Esman and Steven I. Jackson
(Washington D.C.: Seven Locks Press, 1988).


Romania Under Basescu: Aspirations, Achievements, and Frustrations during his First Presidential Term. With Paul Sum. Lexington Books. Forthcoming 2011.
-- co-organizer of the volume and editor of the papers included.
-- co-author of "Introduction: Triage Democratization" pp. 1-16 and "Afterward" pp. 348-350.

Thomas Paine:  Common Sense for the Modern Era.  co-edited with Elsie Begler. 
(San Diego:  San Diego State University Press, 2007).
-- organizer of the volume and editor of the papers included.
-- author of "Introduction."

Special Symposium Issue, "Tax Reform and American Politics: The Tax Reform Act of 1986 and Beyond," American Politics Quarterly, Vol. 19, no. 4 (October 1991).
-- organizer of the Symposium and editor of the papers included in the volume.
-- author of the "Introduction: Tax Reform and American Politics," pp. 417-425.
-- author of the concluding essay, "On Watersheds, Reforms, and Public Goods," pp. 494-504.


“Confusions in the Anticommons,” co-authored with Ivan Major and Cosmin Gabriel Marian, Journal of Law and Politics, Vol. 9 (2016): 64-79.

“Anticommons, the Coase Theorem, and the Problem of Bundling Inefficiency,” co-authored with Ivan Major and Cosmin Gabriel Marian, International Journal of the Commons, Vol. 10 (2016), pp. 244-264.

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-- Romanian language version:  Romania Postcommunista: Tricut, Preszent si Viitor (Iasi: Polirom Press, 2106), forthcoming.

"Perceiving the Line: The Relevance of the Left-Right Ideological Dimension for Voter Preferences in Romania," co-authored with Cosmin Gabriel Marian. Electoral Expert Review, No. 6 (2014), pp. 3-18.

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-- Article reprinted in Tax Policy: International Library of Comparative Public Policy, ed. Sven Steinmo (Cheltenham UK: Elgar Reference Collection, 1998), pp. 179-230.


"Final Evaluation of Progress: Social Science Curriculum Development Program and the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca,
Romania." With Paul Sum and Michael Cain, prepared for IREX and ACLS, November 1999.

"Ayers and Alcorn State University: A Focus Group Study of White Student Higher Education Opportunities and Attitudes in Southwest Mississippi," prepared for the State of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and Alcorn State University, pursuant to the Court decisions in Ayers v. Fordice, April 1999.

"Re-Analysis of Orleans Parish Reading Scores, 2nd and 3rd Grades," prepared for use by the Orleans Parish School Board and administrators, November 1997.

"Schools Composite Ranking Data, Revisited," prepared for use by the Orleans Parish School Board and administrators, July 1997.

Survey of Earth Day 1995-Romania participants -- reasons for participation, level of environmental knowledge, policy views of participants, general evaluation of the event. Conducted for the Ecology Club of Transylvania and the U.S. Peace Corps. Summary published as "Clujenii Doresc Un Mediu Mai Curat [Clujians Want a Cleaner Environment]," Ecoforum (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 1996), pp. 1, 6.


“On the 2016 Presidential Election – Early Thoughts,” Financial Executives International, San Diego Chapter Newsletter, Vol. 2016, no. 4 (April 2016), p. 3, 5.

Academic Role Model – Ronald King,” Political Science Club, University of Bucharest,(posted June 16, 2015).

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Research Project exploring the strategic logic and empirical applications of Anticommons, with Ivan Major and Cosmin Gabriel Marian. Anticommons is a game theoretic situation in which complementary inputs to a valued project are owned and controlled separately, and in which the bundled set of necessary agreements should generate a positive return preferable to the status quo. Each owner, however, has the power to refuse consent for the collective project, useful as a means of extracting a greater share of the surplus. The deductive equilibrium outcome, even given rational actors with perfect information and common knowledge, will be inefficiently suboptimal.

Research Project on Post-Communist Democratization, emphasizing Romania, with Cosmin Gabriel Marian.  The next papers in the project will examine clientele politics and electoral reform, investigating the degree of degree of constituency service, incumbency electoral advantage, and pork-barrel spending bias consequent to the move toward district-based parliamentary representation.

Research Project on Democratization in the United States, examining the rules governing the expansion and contraction of the franchise over the course of American political development. The first parts of the project focused on the 17th Amendment (direct election of senators) and the controversial 1876 election (electoral fraud and the end of Reconstruction).  Current work concerns the removal of the property qualification for voting during the early 19th Century.  Future work will analyze the causes and consequences of the 15th Amendment (Negro franchise), 19th Amendment (Women’s Franchise), and 26th Amendment (18-year old franchise).

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